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SafeGuard Individual Cylinder Electronic Ignition and Knock Control System.  Without a doubt, the SafeGuard is the single most important product you can install on your Corvair Turbo, whether you drive a stock 1962 Spyder or run a high boost, big bore engine in your competition only auto-x car.  There is no other part, at any cost, which will net you the performance increase as well as protecting your engine from damage due to spark knock.  The SafeGuard should be considered as your main platform for all other engine modifications to your Corvair turbo.   What is a SafeGuard system?

Carter YH Choke Conversion. This is an electronic choke conversion kit for our beloved Turbos. Alleviates hard starting, poor fuel economy, washed out oil, cylinder walls/piston rings from an over rich [choked] mixture. This kit senses head temperature and regulates the opening rate of the choke for proper operation. Includes a specific designed hold in circuit that senses head temperature during 'hot' re-starts to prevent flooding. Replaces the stock choke cover [black plastic] and the internals of the stock system.

A beautiful kit, bolts right up to carburetor and the sensing unit attaches  to any top shroud bolt. $62.00 + s/h.

Carter YH Inlet Valve. This all metal inlet valve controls the fuel level with three balls. Very accurate fuel control, will tolerate higher fuel pressures w/o flooding or dripping. A must for any YH. Currently, this part is not available.  We are working on obtaining new stock.  If you would like to be notified when this part is available, please send us a note.

Carter YH Rebuilding Service. From stock to wild. The carburetor is blue-printed and repainted. If you have a stock Turbo, the carburetor will be jetted to stock specifications. If it is a 'hot' Turbo, it will be jetted accordingly. The blue-printing deals with all the little tricks and improvements required to make these carburetors perform properly. Around $185 + rebuild kit.

Vacuum Advance/Retard Kit; for Dale units. If you are using a Dale Vacuum Advance/Boost Retard* this kit will allow proper engine timing at idle and low speeds by modifying the signal to the advance/retard unit. You will obtain less bog, stumbling and hesitation off the line. The control box easily installs with a few wires. The on/off RPM points are pre-set but are easily adjustable if desired.  All solid state digital electronics and fully microprocessor controlled. $145    Application Notes

* This is a great addition to any Turbo. The Dale unit will increase your fuel economy, throttle response and allow you to generate boost quicker. Highly recommended. (Dale Manufacturing no longer supplies this part.)

Turbo Rebuilding/Overhaul. There are some modifications you can make to your Turbo to increase H.P., w/o changing it's stock appearance. Depending on the intended use of the car, you may want to consider these. Around $250 + parts as needed.

Custom Oiling Modifications For Turbos. Modifying: the rear accessory housing, oil filter adapter, oil cooler adapter; Blueprint oil system, install oil pump, re-route Turbo oil feed for cool oil. [stock system feeds the Turbo with hot (uncooled) oil. Around $230 + parts.

Above, for Non-Turbos [no re-route of oil feed], Around $125 + parts.

Modify Oiling System to Supply Cool Oil to Turbo.   Re-route Turbo oil feed for cool oil. Stock system feeds the Turbo with hot (uncooled) oil. Around $200.

Weber 2 bbl. Progressive Conversion.  This modification allows the proper use of a 40 or 45 DCOE Weber carburetor. on a Turbo. The two barrel Weber is converted to a progressive two barrel w/vacuum operated secondary. Tremendous power increase, good fuel economy, great drive-ability and low end throttle response, easy tuning/jetting.  The complete modification is performed to your Weber carburetor. $350.  Detail Information

New Weber Carburetors available including linkage kits and manifold.


Weber DCOE Linkage Kit. This beautiful linkage kit will make an easy installation of your 40 or 45 DCOE Weber carburetor on a Turbo.  The kit works equally well with a standard DCOE or one which has been modified to be a progressive two barrel.  [see above].   You do not need to contend with the poor quality linkage commonly available for this install or spend the effort to try and cobble together a working linkage system.  This fully engineered kit uses the stock throttle linkage cross bar on the intake tube and stock chrome swivel link.   A new stainless steel throttle lever arm is supplied for the DCOE.  A matching billet aluminum linkage arm tightly clamps on the stock linkage cross bar.  This billet aluminum linkage arm is designed to be fully adjustable in both position and working ratio to allow for a proper installation on any engine.  $76.

Weber 2 bbl. Progressive Support Bracket.  A billet machined aluminum bracket specifically designed for  the secondary vacuum actuator on these modified progressive two bbl. carburetors.  These new brackets mount directly on the Weber DCOE and replace the bottom cover that the current sheet metal bracket is bolted to.  This stout aluminum bracket resolves the issue with the sheet metal bracket flexing and bending under operation.  This bracket also allows for the mounting the secondary housing in a slightly revised position to achieve a more linear pull on the secondary throttle shaft.  This results in a smoother and more consistent opening of the secondary throttle plate as well as allowing the secondary throttle to more accurately return to its home position and will net a more stable idle.   An easy install to all existing modified DCOE carburetors.  $65.00.  (All DCOE carburetors modified by American-Pi include this bracket.)

Weber 2 bbl. Progressive Adjustable Secondary Housing.  Tailoring the opening rate of your secondary is good practice to obtain the best match of your modified DCOE to your engine and driving style.  It is also important to note that any change in jetting to the primary side of the carburetor also most likely requires a change in the secondary opening rate to match the new primary jetting.  To accomplish this job previously required changing the spring in the secondary housing.  Although this was made easier by the use of a quick change kit, it still requires some dexterity and patience as there is limited working space between the secondary housing and the hot engine sheet metal.   

The new top cover assembly for the secondary housing allows for tuning the opening start point and rate of the secondary by a simple turn of a screw. The new billet machined aluminum top covers now allows for a suitable range of tuning, quickly and easily and gives you an simple and accurate way to fully tune the secondary to perfectly match your engine and driving style. A simple install with great results to any modified DCOE carburetor.   $80.00. 


Waste Gates. Different models to fit your requirements and boost pressures.  Contact us for specifics for you application.

Quadrajet Conversion. This custom made adapter allows the use of a Quadrajet carburetor. on a Turbo. The four barrel Q-Jet is a demand operated carburetor. with small primaries and huge vacuum operated secondaries via an air vane. Tremendous power increase, you will over boost a stock engine into destruction if you are not careful. $380.

Water Injection Systems. 

Low Pressure: A very straight forward system that is calibrated and driven by boost. No pumps, sensors or electronics. Fully adjustable for different levels of boost and engine output. Requires drilling into the air cleaner. [for stock YH carburetors, see nozzle below] $165.

High Pressure: Supplying 80 to 300 PSI at the discharge nozzle, this high pressure water injection system is unmatched in performance and efficiency.  The highly atomized water vapor can be directly injected into the boost side of the induction system and is also perfect for EFI applications.  This high pressure system can be more accurately termed a liquid intercooler and will markedly lower your intake charge temperature allowing your to run more boost and a cooler running engine.  Complete system including nozzles, special stainless steel high pressure electronic pump, wiring harness, relay, brackets, etc.   Pricing depends on system options.  Please inquire.

Water Injection nozzles for YH Carburetors. Allows a water injection system to deliver water into the carburetor throat w/o drilling into the carburetor or the air cleaner. Very stock looking, can return to 100% stock w/o modifications. $55

Modified exhaust housings. Remachined and modified exhaust housings to allow faster spool-up and higher turbine speeds. $275


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