Fuel Injection

We have built, designed and run many different Fuel Injection Systems for Corvairs; from mild to wild.  Whether you would like to add the unmatched precision of a digitally controlled electronic fuel injection system to your daily driver 140,  or build a killer twin-turbocharged sand buggy, we can help.

The installation of a properly designed port injected EFI system on your Corvair engine will completely transform your engine.  You will not believe the performance improvements which can be had with a port injected, fuel injection system which is designed correctly for your engine.  Better low end torque, more horse power as well as improvements in fuel economy are some of the noted gains.   Engines which utilize the stock type cylinder heads and thus, the log plenum, will also see gains with the adaptation of EFI, but the gains will not be as substantial as with a port type system. 

If you are considering installing a complete, custom Fuel Injection System for  your engine, or looking to find a source of properly matched parts, please consider carefully where you will purchase these parts.  This will make the difference between an enjoyable experience or one that you will dread. 

We are not married to any particular induction, manifold system or EFI controller.  Because of this, neither are you.  We have the experience to achieve your goals in a manner which is consistent with your needs, not the needs predicated by a small selection of hardware, a specific manifold system or a bag of parts.  We have built and installed all the commonly available systems, as well as designed, engineered and fabricated custom systems based on the customer’s target needs.   Let us know what your ideal system is are and we will design and build it so you can achieve your goals.

Installation of EFI can be done a number of ways and we would be happy to discuss your specific project needs and goals.  We can assist you with supplying the necessary selected parts or with a complete, turn-key kit.

We suggest for you to perform your due diligence, ask questions and get references, before you purchase a system.   Analyze the project and look at the big picture.   It is just not a matter of selling parts, most people can do that.  But to do this correctly, one needs a thorough understanding of the project, what is required for the specific customer needs and what are the best options for the customer based on his target objectives.  This requires experience and you do not get that experience with one, two or three systems under your belt.  You also need to deal with someone that has the skill to supply the quality machine work necessary to make the installation a success.

We have all the above, and also the expertise and track record to do it and do it right.   Building quality, custom engines and parts are only the start.  The support that is offered to our customers is second to none.

We offer complete quality kits or custom systems built for your specific engine needs.  Stock Engines, to Performance Turbos, Killer Street Engines, Ultra Vans, Sand Sports, or full race, no problem.

If you would like some specific information regarding a custom Fuel Injection System for your Corvair, please click the link below.   Give us some details on your application, performance goals and your planned budget.   We can then make some recommendations based on your target needs


Pictures of EFI Installations

EFI Engine Pictures EFI Engine Pictures EFI Engine Pictures EFI Engine Pictures


Pictures of Specialized Parts for EFI Installations

Injector SupportsInjector SupportsDIS Plug Crank Trigger Bracket


In Tank EFI Pump Conversion & Kit

EFI In-Tank Pump Conversion


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