Specialized Parts for EFI Installs

This page shows just some of the specialized parts we make for your EFI installation.  These custom parts not only allow for a perfect install, but save you the time and grief in trying to round up or make all the necessary parts to insure your EFI conversion is a success.  These parts are included with our EFI kits.



This Billet Aluminum Distributor Plug allows for a very clean look when installing a crank driven, distributor-less ignition system.  No need to have the distributor just sitting there as a way to drive the oil pump.


This plug incorporates two different bearing surfaces to handle both the thrust and radial loads of the revised distributor shaft which now only serves as an oil pump drive.  An O-Ring provides a positive seal against oil leakage and introduction of foreign matter.   


Distributor plug installed in rear accessory  housing

Notes: The oil pump drive is not included and any 1960-69 Corvair distributor shaft can be used to make the drive.  Full instructions are included with the DIS Plug.


Crank Trigger Mounting Pictures

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