If you have received any e-mails which have  [anything here]@american-pi.com on them as the return address, this is a forged address.  We did not send these out.  We ever send any type of Spam, or blanket, unsolicited  advertising.  We find these tactics, disgusting, obtrusive, dishonest and an envision of your time and privacy just like unwanted telemarketer calls.

If you inspect the extended header information on these e-mails you will see that the return address [anything here]@american-pi.com is forged and the e-mail originated from another service provider.  We are trying to track down the actual ISPs or companies which perpetrate this abuse and take any and all action necessary to stop this.  Unfortunately, it seems that there is currently NO LAW which prevents a company from stealing a web address and then using this forged address to do their dirty work.

We strongly suggest that you never purchase anything from any company that uses Spam as a form of solicitation and/or uses a forged address to send out Spam.  Naturally, they want to you purchase product from them, but do not want you to ever be able to contact them if you have a complaint with their product.  This assumes that you even receive a product from them.  A good chance is that you will receive nothing, and just get you hard earned money stolen.

For a more detailed information of what is happening when someone steals and forges an e-mail or web address, see: http://www.robsworld.org/forgery.html