Special Notes

Alternator Pulley
The alternator pulley is very highly loaded on a Corvair drive system. Probably more so than any other pulley in the belt drive system. Because of this, the aluminum drive pulley may not yield the same service life as our other billet pulleys. We have intentionally made this set as separate pieces to allow for easy replacement of the drive pulley when necessary. Replacement pulleys will be available. Just how long will the service life be? That is a difficult question and depends on many factors, such as:

• Actual belt tension and alignment.
• Alternator (amp) output. A higher output alternator will be harder on the pulley.
• Driving style.
• Driving conditions: A dune buggy, in the sand, will wear out a pulley faster.

Update, November, 2003

In three and one-half  years of testing this product on a daily driver Corvair we have seen little pulley wear.   This application has a standard type 47 amp alternator  in a street performance turbo engine.  We expect good service life out of these pulleys and at least a five year service life for a daily driven car.


Update, November, 2013

Thirteen and one-half  years of testing in the above daily driver Corvair has proven that pulley wear is very acceptable.  The pulley shows slight wear but otherwise on ill affects have been noticed.


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