Photo by Tim Purcell

This beautiful 1962 Spyder coupe is owned by Roger Becker of southern California.   The engine, built by Ray Sedman,  is a modified, 140 HP based turbo engine.  There are many special modifications to this beautiful, custom engine but the highlights are: 

An aluminum custom intake runner was specifically fabricated to work properly with the 140 heads as well as the unique aluminum carburetor adaptor which as designed to allow the 45 DCOE Weber to utilize a [modified] stock turbo air cleaner assembly.  The DCOE Weber was also modified to a progressive two barrel for proper operation on a turbocharged Corvair.  A SafeGuard ignition system handles the management of  individual cylinder timing control under boost and allows for MAP sensitive timing control under light throttle applications.  A full set of billet pulleys and  associated custom brackets, hardware and fittings are included.  The sheet metal on this engine is truly a sight to see and can not be rightly justified by a picture.  Among other special details, Roger polished the top cover and fabricated the side shrouds before having these flawless parts black nickel plated. 

The car was first shown at the CORSA 2002 International convention in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Despite last minute details and being finished in the parking lot of a nearby hotel at 1:00 am the day of the concourse judging,  the car took first place in its class and was advanced to Seniors Division the first time out.