The following are some quick points where sending e-mails.

1.  Include a Valid Subject Line:  For the fastest response to your question, please include a descriptive subject line.  We can get well over 100 e-mails a day and a large portion of these are Spam [unwanted junk e-mail].  Our aggressive Spam filter will discard most messages with common Spam triggers.  Here are a few examples of possible Spam subject lines which would be deleted:

2. Include your name:  It is nice to include your name when sending an e-mail., and others are fine e-mail address, but please let us know who you are.

3. Include your telephone number: Lengthy or complex questions;  We are more than happy to help you with Corvair performance questions, whether you have worked with us before or not.  But please be aware that some questions can only be properly answered by spending an hour or two drafting an e-mail and responding to your question in the required detail.  If you have a question which falls into this category, you may want to included a contact number for us to call you.  While we try and answer all e-mail questions sent to us, because of our limited time, we must give priority to e-mail sent by our Corvair friends which with current  projects we are working on. 

4. Unanswered E-mail: If you send us a note and do not get a response in about one week, please send us another note.  It is possible that your note got lost, never got delivered to us, or we are just very busy with the current projects and e-mail work load.  It is very likely that when you are busy working on your pride and joy Corvair, it is the identical time of year that others are doing the same.  Spring and Summer are very busy for us and during these times our response time to first time, general questions, can be a little slow.

5.  Include the Original Note: When responding back and forth via e-mail, it is very helpful to include the previous e-mail when you reply. [All of our e-mails are sent this way.]  This makes it much easier for both people to keep a handle on what was  previously discussed and how to best assist you.  It is common that we receive more than a few engine questions emails going back and forth trying to help Corvair owners out there.  They can all be very similar in nature and having a rolling record of what was discussed makes it much easier to keep things straight.  

The above are general hints when using e-mail.  E-mail is a great tool,  but  it does have some side notes.  These hints and tips would be helpful when sending e-mails  to anybody  which you have not contacted before.  The most important item to is include a valid subject line.  In doing so, it allows the person looking at the hundreds of possible e-mails a day a quick way to sort yours out from the rest.  You will have a much better chance to not only receive a response, but to receive a timely response.

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