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This performance Adjustable Cam Gear is uniquely designed and precision CNC machined from select materials to give your engine the performance edge it needs as well as these advantages..

         The outer tooth ring gear is made from solid [billet] Aircraft grade Aluminum, unlike the stock replacement type gears  which are cast aluminum.  This material affords our gears more strength verses a stock cast gear. 

         The high alloy Steel hub is engineered to hold much tighter on the cam than a stock aluminum gear.  You will not  need to set screw, pin, drill and tap or install shrink rings or use other methods to keep the cam gear tight on the cam.  The high alloy steel hub will not take a 'set' to the cam as the stock aluminum [hub] gear will.  This will also allow you to move the adjustable gear to another cam if ever desired with no loss in holding force.  Finally, you can say good-bye to your cam gear retention worries.  

         You will now have the ability to degree, verify  and change your cam phasing in a fraction of the time it would normally take during an engine build.  You will not need offset keys or be forced to settle for cam timing that is 'almost' right.  Degreeing a cam will take a fraction of the time than it would with a non-adjustable gear.

Any one of the advantages that this adjustable cam gear provides would be well worth the cost of the adjustable gear.  Together, there is no other part for your engine that will net you the combination of  time savings, ease and flexibility in the precision building of your engine.   If you are thinking of  performance and quality, this adjustable cam gear is the perfect foundation to your engine build.

Easy Cam Timing Made Simple

The unique design this adjustable cam gear will allow you to easily adjust, and verify, with precision, the cam timing of your engine.  This is important to every engine builder, no matter what your engine application is:  

Competition:  Those of you that are testing new cam profiles will especially benefit from this adjustable gear because you will not need to completely pull an engine down to adjust the cam timing. You do not need to install an offset key and an new gear EACH time you want to make a cam timing change.  All that is required is removal of  the bell housing.  This makes it easy enough to fine tune the cam timing to the engine and track conditions - something that would be very difficult to do otherwise unless you pulled the engine apart in the pits.  The adjustable cam gear will allow you to tailor your camshaft to different tracks.  You can adjust your engine for either long courses which require more top end power or short courses which need to take full advantage of a broad power band.  You do not need to have different engines to accomplish this or tear an engine down to change camshafts.

Street Performance: This adjustable gear will allow you to run almost any street cam profile with excellent results.  You will be able to degree your cam in minutes, not hours.  You will not need offset keys, shrink rings or set screws.  Nor will require a new cam gear every time you need to make a cam timing change.  You will be assured that the cam is installed correctly and you will be spared the worry of  "did I get that little timing mark in the right place?"  Yes, we all have had the little nagging voice in the back of our heads after building that engine.  

Special Cam Needs: PG users, U.V.s and F.C.s, especially ones with 140 HP engines will not need to obtain the hard to find 140 PG crank gear or to fuss with offset keys and then run the risk of damage to your cam or the gear by pressing them apart numerous times to make adjustments. In fact, if you are using a stock cam gear it is specifically not recommend that you reuse a cam which has previously been installed.  It does not matter if the cam was run in an engine or not.  When a stock cam gear is installed it takes a set to the cam and if removed and installed on another cam you run the risk of the gear slipping on the cam. 


Notes and Details: The gear has a twenty four (24) degree adjustment range. When the cam is installed 'straight up' you can advance or retard your cam timing twelve degrees in either direction.  Or you can bias the adjustment range to favor more shift in the advance or retard range. A reference scale marked on the gear allows easy, precision adjustments to your cam timing.  

If you plan to install your gear in the straight up position, as advertised on the cam timing tag, this gear will save you much time and effort.  You would not have to degree the cam with a test gear, pull the bottom end apart, install a offset key and then degree the cam again to be assured the offset key is installed correctly and it is the correct offset.  We all know that the offset keys available are not accurate regarding the actual number of degrees which they are marked.  You are always at a compromise regarding how accurate you can set you cam timing.  This is not an area where you want to compromise on your engine build.  With this adjustable cam gear, you simply set the crankshaft to the opening number [degrees] for your cam and then adjust the cam for the correct lift at that opening number.  Tighten the locking screws on the cam gear and you are finished.  You can easily see this will take a fraction of the time to set your cam timing this way and you can be assured it is exactly how you want it, not just a compromise.  You obtain perfect cam timing literally in seconds and not hours.  This alone is well worth the cost of the adjustable gear for the time savings, ease and flexibility in building the engine. 

Install Notes: The gear is shipped with the timing mark on the cam in the approximate  center of the gear adjustment.  The installer degrees the cam and sets it to where their 'zero' point is for their application.  He can then scribe a line on the gear which corresponds with the center line [zero point] on the hub.  Any adjustments which are to be made can be easily referenced from the scribed center line.  The adjustable gear has a twelve degree range in either direction from the zero point.  In some applications one may have the need for more than a 12 degree adjustment range.  This is easily done during the initial cam set-up.  

Other advantages of the adjustable gear: Since the outer gear ring is easily removed, this allows the replacement of a worn or damaged gear without complete gear replacement.  Only the outer tooth ring needs to be replaced.  This is an added value to racers where the gear tends to a shorter life with the loads of a high revving engine and high spring pressures.


Adjustable Cam Gear, Complete.  $248.


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